EQIPD Webinar 2023

In the tradition of the EQIPD Summer School the Guarantors of EQIPD are planning a webinar series from March to June in 2023. It will always be at 4pm CET/CEST and a link to register on the Zoom platform will follow soon.


The EQIPD Webinar Series will provide a foundation for best practices in preclinical research and how the EQIPD quality system can be used to help ensure the key 3 Rs:  rigor, robustness and reproducibility in generating, interpreting and publishing findings.  Experienced speakers will highlight EQIPD’s role in different parts of the scientific ecosystem with a focus on best practices.  Dr. Thomas Steckler and Prof. Malcolm Macleod will set the scene with a general introduction on the state of efforts to enhance research rigour, how the recently published EQIPD framework has changed the landscape and what remains to be achieved.  Other topics include issues in performing systematic reviews and meta-analyses, exploratory versus confirmatory research, challenges and opportunities for achieving rigor in academia and biopharma, and a hitchhiker’s guide to the use and misuse of statistics. 

The series starts on March 1st and will continue until summer every second week.

1. MarchProf. Malcolm Macleod / Thomas StecklerUniversity of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK / Janssen, Beerse, BelgiumEvidence, origins and impact of lacking rigour in research
15. MarchKim WeverRadboud university medical center, Nijmegen, The NetherlandsSystematic review and meta-analysis of animal studies
29. MarchRené BernardQUEST Centre, Charité, Berlin, GermanyExploratory versus confirmatory research
12. AprilProf. Martin MichelUniversity of Mainz, Mainz, GermanyA hitchhiker’s guide to experimental design and statistics
26. AprilJan VollertImperial College, London, UKThe EQIPD framework for research rigour
10. MayJulia Menonpreclinicaltrials.euPreregistered preclinical studies
24. MayMagali HaasCohen Veterans BiosciencesCriteria for translational validity
7. JuneAnton BespalovPAASP GmbHThe EQIPD quality system and auditing
21. JuneMartien Kas / Piotr PopikUniversity of Groningen / IF-PANUse cases


The Webinar will be held via Zoom. Registration is necessary via the following page

Download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

Evidence, origins and impact of lacking rigor in research

Malcolm Macleod and Thomas Steckler

The GoEQIPDwebinar series, discussing how to enhance the quality of preclinical data, starts on March 1 with “Evidence, origins, and impact of lacking rigor in research” ft. Dr. Thomas Steckler, @JanssenGlobal & Professor Malcolm Macleod, @EdinburghUni

Systematic review & meta-analysis in animal studies

Kim Wever

The GoEQIPD webinar on March 16, 2023 was presented by Kim Wever from Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen discussing how systematic reviews and meta-analysis can help in translating animal study results and how they contribute to increasing robustness and scientific rigor.

Exploratory versus confirmatory research

René Bernard

The GoEQIPDwebinar series, discussing how to enhance the quality of preclinical data, starts on March 1 with “Evidence, origins, and impact of lacking rigor in research” ft. Dr. Thomas Steckler, @JanssenGlobal & Professor Malcolm Macleod, @EdinburghUni

A hitchhiker’s guide to experimental design and statistics

Martin Michel

Statistics is one of the important tools for researchers to make sense of their data. However, it is often difficult to get an understanding of the techniques and their meaning for the interpretation of the data. There were several misconceptions reported and Martin gives in this entertaining webinar very good access to this difficult but important topic.

The EQIPD framework for research rigour

Jan Vollert

The EQIPD framework was one of the major outputs of the EQIPD consortium and published in Nature Methods. Jan is briefly describing the development of the framework and presenting the content.

Please find the article HERE.

Preregistered preclinical studies

Julia Menon

Preregistration is considered one of the most important measures to protect against bias. Julia gives an overview of several pitfalls in animal studies to provide the basis for a detailed explanation on the preregistration platform preclinicaltrials.eu.

Criteria for translational validity

Magali Haas

Highlighted the different types of validities that apply for preclinical animal models of CNS diseases.

Please find the article HERE.

The EQIPD Quality System and auditing

Anton Bespalov

The EQIPD Quality System (QS) is a novel quality system for preclinical research and beyond to improve research processes. This webinar gives an introduction to the EQIPD QS and answers the following questions: What is it about? Why is it important? How to implement it?

Use cases of the EQIPD quality system

Martien Kas / Piotr Popik

In this webinar Martien and Piotr present their take on the EQIPD quality system and how it was implemented in their research environment. They provide interesting use cases and examples on the implementation process as well as benefits of having such a system.