Gender Equality Plan

February 2023

Prepared in accordance with the requirements outlined in „Horizon Europe Guidance on Gender Equality Plans“ 2021. This is a public document, and is available on the GoEQIPD website.


The Guarantors of EQIPD (GoEQIPD) e.V. were founded in 2021 as a non-profit association to oversee the implementation of the EQIPD Quality System whose purposes are

  1. The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code.
  2. The purpose of the Association is the promotion of science and research in the sense of § 52 paragraph 2 of the tax code. The purpose is realized by the administration, maintenance, further development and dissemination of the EQIPD (Enhancing Quality In Preclinical Data) quality system for biomedical research through the members of this association. This means concretely:
      1. Maintaining and ensuring public access to information about the EQIPD quality system (e.g. via internet presence) for the scientific community
      1. Coordination of workshops, seminars and trainings for knowledge transfer to scientists
      1. Further development of the quality system in particular and development of new standards for biomedical science and research
      1. Participation in scientific events and giving lectures on the EQIPD quality system and good research practice
      1. Development and publication of information in respect to good research practice in scientific journals and other media
      1. In pursuit of these purposes GoEQIPD comprises an Executive Board of 7 individuals (4 male, 3 female), and does not at the present time employ any staff, although it has legal authority to do so. The Executive Board of GoEQIPD is mindful of the importance attached to consideration of gender issues in other organisations with which we interact, and this is reflected for instance in our Requests for Proposals and the evaluations schemas for proposals received.

Dedicated resources

The convener of the Guarantors of EQIPD (Prof dr Malcolm Macleod) has responsibility for the initiation and updating of this Gender Equality Plan, which is reviewed and approved by the GoEQIPD Execultive Board. Macleod is Academic Lead for Research Improvement and Research Integrity at the University of Edinburgh, and has formal training in gender equality and in broader issues of equity, deversity and inclusion. He leads the biennial University of Edinburgh Research Culture Survey

Data collection and monitoring

As an organisation without personnel, data collection and monitoring results in a nil return. When GoEQIPD comes to hiring staff, we will ensure gender, sex and other demographic monitoring of both applications and appointments. We report the gender composition of our Executive Board.


GoEQIPD engage in regular (at least annual) reflection on issues of gender and inclusion and how these are manifest both within the GoEQIPD organisation, and also within the broader research community where the EQIPD Quality System is deployed. An important aspect of this reflection is consideration of our own unconscious biases, and how these might be manifest in our decision making. This reflection may also lead to our commissioning external groups to provide further training to Executive Board members.

Download the Gender Equality Plan as a pdf.