EQIPD Summer School

“Improving preclinical data quality and robustness”

The EQIPD Summer School was successfully established during the course of the project three times. It aimed to introduce general concepts about data quality and identifying potential biases in research.

The first two summer schools were held in Nijmegen and in 2021 online. Please see more details below. If you are interested in the content, watch out for our Webinar series by looking at this website or subscribing to our Newsletter or contact us directly.

EQIPD Summer School 2021 – successfully completed!

Due to the pandemic the third EQIPD Summer School entitled “Improving preclinical data quality and robustness” was held online.

EQIPD Summer School 2021 – PROGRAM

EQIPD Summer School 2019 – successfully completed!

Date and place: September 16th -19th 2019 @Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

EQIPD Summer School 2019 – PROGRAMME

EQIPD Summer School 2018 – successfully completed!

The first EQIPD Summer School was held in September 2018 at the Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

EQIPD Summer School 2018 – PROGRAMME

Please get in touch, if you are interested in participating, or would like more information on the EQIPD summer school:

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