EQIPD Video Series

ECNP TV has prepared a series of 9 videos to show you what the EQIPD project is about.

In this series of “EQIPD video blasts’’, you will discover more about the project and how EQIPD can support your work in preclinical research!

Every week over the summer of 2019, ECNP TV has been launching a new EQIPD video with project leader Dr. Thomas Steckler answering key questions about the project’s background, objectives, expected impact and more on social media, so feel free to also follow us on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Video 1

What is EQIPD?

Video 2

Why do we need EQIPD?

Video 3

What are the main objectives of EQIPD?

Video 4

Why should I implement EQIPD at my institution?

Video 5

Is EQIPD for researchers and students?

Video 6

Can EQIPD also applied in companies?

Video 7

Except for researchers, for whom else is EQIPD?

Video 8

The EQIPD consortium consisted of neuroscientists. Is EQIPD only for neuroscience?

Video 9

What was the EQIPD consortium?