• Publication: Implementing the EQIPD Quality System
    Members of the EQIPD consortium and working in preclinical research have published a manuscript on the EQIPD Quality System. The Journal of Neuroscience Methods article discusses the implementation of the EQIPD Quality System (QS) in non-regulated biomedical research to improve research practices and ensure data integrity. The EQIPD QS consists of 18 Core Requirements that…
  • Stakeholder meeting June 28th
    On June 28th, at 1 pm CEST, a stakeholder meeting will be held by GoEQIPD to inform about the society and the iRISE project. If you are interested to join, please drop an Email to info(at) to receive the dial-in information.
  • GoEQIPD is part of an international consortium
    The Guarantors of EQIPD will contribute to the iRISE project which is funded under an Horizon Europe grant. All grant documents are signed and the project aims to start on September 1st, 2023.
  • EQIPD Webinar Series 2023
    The Guarantors of EQIPD will provide an open Webinar series in 2023 with different topics around best practices and the EQIPD Quality System.
  • GoEQIPD receives support by CVB
    The Guarantors of EQIPD Society is honored to receive a Sponsorship grant from Cohen Veterans Bioscience, a U.S.-based 501c3 public charity to support our critical work in driving quality and reproducibility of research.  CVB has supported the EQIPD Consortium from its inception and is also a Founding Member of the Society.  This funding will support…
  • EQIPD funder tool
    The Research Transparency Tool was developed by the EQIPD Consortium Taskforce and implemented online with support from a SBIR award from the NIH: The tool creates a “snapshot” of the environment in which research is conducted and is meant to help funders and applicants align on relevant quality expectations. More information in the EQIPD…
  • Aligned on quality
    On October 10, 2022, #EQIPD will lead a discussion on how to help funders and grant applicants align on research rigor expectations and avoid funding of research of unknown quality. Objectives of the meeting are to: Review lessons learned from the US and German publicly funded programs that focused directly or indirectly on decision-enabling research…
  • 5 Domains for the EQIPD framework
    Members of the EQIPD consortium have identified and published 5 Domains for increasing rigour in animal experiments. The 5 Domains are published in Nature Methods and very well supplement the concept of the EQIPD quality system. Read about the EQIPD QS in our eLife publication The domains are summarised below and a more detailed overview…
  • EQIPD framework published
    Hot of the press and we are excited: The EQIPD framework for rigor in the design, conduct, analysis, and documentation of animal experiments. It defines the demands for five domains researchers should be aware of and the needs for them in research design and publications.
  • New Partnership
    The Guarantors of EQIPD and PAASP Network are delighted to announce the launch of a joint effort to promote the EQIPD framework, to deliver and to further develop the EQIPD Quality System. We very much look forward to this next stage in the EQIPD journey.
  • Public announcement
    The “Guarantors of EQIPD” officially announced their launch with a public press release. The society is registered since December 2021 and became fully operational now. Read the press release here.
  • GoEQIPD: Request for Proposals!
    The Guarantors of EQIPD (GoEQIPD) is a not-for-profit society established to oversee the implementation of the EQIPD Quality System (QS). We are seeking proposals from organisations who wish to work with us in providing mentoring and accreditation to laboratories wishing to meet EQIPD QS standards. Read about the EQIPD QS in our eLife publication Read…
    Find out about recent development of the EQIPD Quality system, the new partnership with IMI-PainCare as well as the virtual EQIPD stand and campfire session at the 33rd ECNP congress in the most recent newsletter! DOWNLOAD
  • EQIPD meets IMI-PainCare
    The need for quality standards in preclinical research is gaining attention, especially in translational research. The IMI-PainCare consortium has reached out to EQIPD to collaborate in assessing the study design and data analysis for their studies in the BioPain and TRiPP groups. This collaboration will ensure equivalent quality standards in preclinical research among their project…
  • The EQIPD Quality System – Our new questionnaire covers it!
    The EQIPD Quality System is the result of a collaborative effort between several people and organizations, yet cannot specifically address all potential scenarios under which research rigor measures are needed and will be implemented.  The foundation laid by EQIPD is formulated in the “core requirements” (see link below) and we welcome further efforts to support…
  • EQIPD Newsletter 7 – Spring 2020
    In the newest edition of the newsletter, find out more about the highlights of the EQIPD General Assembly meeting, the new project collaborations, CAMARADES winning the BNA’s ‘Credibility Prize’ and details on the 34th ECNP congress. Read the Newsletter here.
  • EQIPD Newsletter 6 – Spring 2020
    The EQIPD project was highlighted in a recent publication by DDNews and will be featured at this year’s ECNP ‘campfire sessions’,  the ‘Handbook on Good Research Practice in Non-Clinical Pharmacology and Biomedicine’ about quality in preclinical research has just been published, and the Global Preclinical Data Forum (GPDF) is giving out an award on the…
  • Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
    Our book on quality in preclinical research, including many articles from authors within the EQIPD consortium, has just been published: Bespalov A, Michel MC, Steckler T (eds) Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology – Good Research Practice in Non-Clinical Pharmacology and Biomedicine, Springer Open, Cham, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-030-33655-4, eBook ISBN 978-3-030-33656-1 (2020). Access the book HERE.
  • EQIPD Newsletter 4 – Summer 2019
    Have you been scorched by this year’s summer heat all over Europe already? Here are more hot summer-news from the EQIPD project: Find out more about the flaming-fresh series of 9 “EQIPD video blasts’’, our next Summer School, the EQIPD session at the annual ECNP Congress, and about the kick-off of implementing the new Quality…
  • Malcolm and Thomas take EQIPD to NATURE
    EQIPD and our efforts to ” Unclog pipeline for new medicines” is mentioned in form of a brief article in NATURE CORRESPONDENCE. Click here to get to the article!
  • EQIPD Newsletter 3 – Spring 2019
    Check out the updates on the outcome of the Alzheimer systematic review, the EQIPD brainstorming session at ECNP, and more in the newest version of our newsletter! Read the Newsletter here.
  • 2nd EQIPD Newsletter – Fall 2018
    The EQIPD project was presented at the PreNeuroscience 2018 Seminar and Networking event that took place on 2 November 2018 inconjunction with the Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) annual meeting in San Diego, California, USA, to create awareness in the USA as well – Download our 2nd newsletter to see more updates and news! Read the…
  • 1st EQIPD Newsletter
    The first Newsletter by the EQIPD consortium can be found HERE.

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