Publication: Implementing the EQIPD Quality System

    Members of the EQIPD consortium and working in preclinical research have published a manuscript on the EQIPD Quality System.

    The Journal of Neuroscience Methods article discusses the implementation of the EQIPD Quality System (QS) in non-regulated biomedical research to improve research practices and ensure data integrity. The EQIPD QS consists of 18 Core Requirements that cover various aspects of research conduct, data management, and reporting. Key points highlighted in the article include the importance of data traceability, the use of unique experimental IDs for research data, and the significance of secure data storage.

    Researchers are encouraged to establish systematic approaches, such as using unique study identifiers and electronic lab notebooks, to enhance traceability and documentation. Training on documentation practices and data management is essential for researchers to adhere to the EQIPD QS effectively. The article also emphasizes the need for secure data storage for long-term reusability and compliance with legal and contractual obligations.

    Real-life examples provided in the article showcase how research institutions have addressed the Core Requirements of the EQIPD QS, emphasizing the practical implementation of these guidelines in laboratory settings. Funding acknowledgments and author contributions are also highlighted, demonstrating the collaborative efforts in promoting research integrity.

    Overall, the article underscores the significance of adopting quality systems like EQIPD to enhance research reproducibility, transparency, and overall integrity in biomedical research. By implementing these guidelines, researchers can contribute to a culture of excellence and reliability in scientific endeavors.

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