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What is new and ground-breaking about EQIPD research?

  • While common guidelines and standards exist regarding the reporting of preclinical research and drug-safety studies, no such guidelines or generally agreed-upon principles exist regarding the design, conduct and analysis of such research. The EQIPD project will develop guidelines for the initial stages of preclinical research and drug-safety studies, and aims to speed up the alarmingly slow pace of novel drug development.
  • The EQIPD project uses a multidisciplinary approach, comparing study design variables and data analysis variables from both industry and academia regarding their effect on a successful outcome.
  • Feasibility of such new guidelines and quality management will be tested in actual studies.

Which medical fields will particularly benefit from the EQIPD research and how?

  • While the majority of research for the EQIPD project will be conducted in the field of Neuroscience, it is anticipated that the principles discovered will apply broadly and R&D-wide.
  • Furthermore, an online educational platform will provide generalized education and training in the newly developed guidelines for design, conduct and analysis of preclinical research and drug-safety studies that is applicable to other fields of biomedical research and drug development as well.

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